Good Day Atlanta viewer information: July 3, 2023

Athens Board Game Cafe: Play your favorite classic, or discover a new game. Bring your friends or meet new people. Catch up with everybody, or take a moment to yourself. Whatever you are in the mood for today, you will feel welcome here. For more information click here. 

Dr. Winawer talks heat exhaustion and stroke risk: Dr. Neil Winawer from the Emory School of Medicine joins us live with the latest health news. Keep up with Dr. Winawer on Instagram @neilwinawer

Capt. Eric Jackson talks Firework, Swimming and Grilling safety: The purpose of the media briefing is to emphasize that fireworks such as sparklers are legal in Georgia, however the misuse and /or improper handling of certain types and illegal fireworks could result in serious disfigurement, injury or possible death.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2021, there was a decrease in deaths and injuries from fireworks-related incidents in 2021, compared to 2020. At least 18 people died from fireworks-related incidents in 2020, compared to 9 reported during the 2021 year. Approximately 15,600 people were treated in hospital emergency departments for fireworks injuries in 2020  compared to the 11,500 ER-treated fireworks injuries in 2021.

Shirley Hughes of Sweet Cheats Bakery: Shirley will show us a patriotic trifle dessert.   Sweet Cheats was created by a National Level Figure Competitor, Shirley Hughes, along with her husband Robert Tubbs and with the help of many friends and family.  During her 3 years spent training for her NPC competitions, Shirley was only allowed to eat certain foods and wasn’t always able to have what she was craving. She began taking notes on these cravings, and turning them into little treats for herself when her strenuous dieting for each competition was over.   While in training, one "cheat" meal was allowed per week, and hers were usually sweet concoctions.  She then decided on a whim to turn her favorite treats into cupcakes not only for herself but for fellow teammates, the RocStarzz, as personal gifts.  From there, requests started coming in and the demand was on.  It was an instant success! For more information click here. 

Dr. Michele Voeltz Talks Eclampsia in light of Olympian Tori Bowie’s death: Eclampsia can follow a condition of high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine during pregnancy. Dr. Michele Voetlz gives us more information on the condition, and the signs to look for. 

Hailey Yoo a finalist for the 'Stuck at Prom' Duck Brand scholarship contest: My inspiration was a rock-star-like outfit that incorporates retro 3-D glasses design. Hailey says she wanted to create something with an interesting shape and look that mirrors high fashion.Voting runs through July 12th. To vote for Hailey click here. 

Meché Leflore of The Neighborhood Talk gives the latest in celebrity entertainment news: Essence Fest was in full in effect. Lots of historic moments happened. Meche' Leflore has the latest on what happened.