Go-getters burdened with too much responsibility

Are you a boss or supervisor? Well, according to a new study, you might be asking too much of your hardest workers, and setting them up, ultimately, for failure.

The study, called "The burden of responsibility," was done, in part, by our own University of Georgia. And it applies not only to work interactions but to home life, too. The study reports that the partner at home who is the workhorse "felt burden and fatigue from being relied on more." 

Here are three takeaways: that worker who exhibits more perceived self-control gets asked to do more because they are less likely to complain. They will also just "suck it up" and do it. But, underneath that "can do" spirit is frustration.

That frustration comes from bosses, according to the study, not understanding what it takes to take-on more jobs. "What looks easy from the outside may not feel that easy on the inside," said one researcher. So be aware of over-relying on your doers .

OK, so what do we do with this information? Well, bosses out there you need to recognize that you're asking your star student to do more, and to do it more often than others. Give rewards for it. Or at the very least, pull them aside and simply say 'thank you.'  

At home, if your partner is the one who does more then make an effort to offer to chip in and give credit. Many relationships have one that is more of the doer, so when that person says, 'Hey, I need a hand,  I'm overwhelmed,' don't brush it off.

But also - go-getters - learn to say 'No, I can't right now.'