Global superstar Julio Iglesias Jr. gets 'Careless' on new single

Global superstar Julio Iglesias Jr. is determined to make this the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever, thanks to the release of his new album, "Under The Covers."

The project — out Feb. 14 — consists of 10 tracks, all jazzy covers of pop classics. One of those covers is a duet version of George Michael’s "Careless Whisper," sung with Grammy Award winner Jewel.

"After the song was recorded and we did the arrangement, my manager Marc Oswald and [producer] Rudy Pérez said to me, ’It would be great if we did this song as a duet,’" recalls Iglesias Jr.  "And we started thinking, ‘Who would be the best person to do this as a duet?’ And we ended up thinking that Jewel would be great."

The singer says he narrowed down the "Under The Covers" tracklist from a possible 200 songs — and yes, he fully expects fans to sing along when they’re performed in concert.

"That’s actually super fun, when the audience sings the songs! That’s why it’s great to do songs that everybody knows," he says. "It makes me really, really connect with the audience and just enjoy that moment like crazy."

Along with Jewel, "Under The Covers" features collaborations with fellow hitmakers like Right Said Fred and Brian McKnight. Which begs the question: who might show up on a second volume?

"You know what I would love to do? I would love to do a song with my father, my brother Enrique, and I. I think that would be amazing. Because we’ve got my father, the crooner; he’s been in the business for over 50 years. You’ve got my brother; pop, great songwriter, great performer. And then you’ve got me, younger crooner type. It would be great!"

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