Georgians see some relief as gas prices continue declining

FILE - A view of a fuel pump at a petrol station shows gas prices over $4, in Arlington-Virginia, United States on Oct. 30, 2021.

While inflation has most Georgians tightening up their budgets, one place residents of the Peach State are seeing some relief is dropping gas prices.

Monday, AAA reports that the average price for a gallon of unleaded gas in Georgia has dropped to $3.20 - a decrease of 5 cents compared to a week ago, 7 cents less than in September, and 3 cents less than the same time in 2021.

It now costs Georgia drivers $48 to fill up a 15-gallon tank with regular gasoline - 50 cents less compared to a year ago.

The average gas price in Georgia still remains much lower than the national average, which on Monday was $3.78 for a gallon.

"The drop in gas prices is a welcome relief to Georgians," said AAA spokeswoman Montrae Waiters. "Crude oil prices, which play a key role in determining what consumers pay at the pump continue to fluctuate. If crude remains low typically gas prices will do the same. But there’s still major uncertainty around how gas prices will trend in the weeks ahead."

Across the country, the average for a gallon has decreased by 9 cents to $3.79. Low demand may mean that drivers could see prices at the pump continue to go down.

Atlanta remains slightly higher on average than the state at $3.22, but the most expensive places to fill up in the state are Hinesville-Fort Stewart ($3.30) Brunswick ($3.29), and Savannah ($3.48).

The best places to get a deal for gasoline in Georgia can be found in Augusta-Aiken ($3.11), Rome ($3.09) and Warner Robins ($3.08).