Georgians rally as part of #StopTheBans movement

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An estimated 1,000 protestors gathered outside the Georgia State Capitol Tuesday to rally against the new "heartbeat" abortion ban. 

The demonstration was part of a coordinated nationwide #StopTheBans movement to protest abortion restrictions after several states have adopted new laws including Alabama, Mississippi and Ohio.

"We need our lawmakers to understand that we're not going to let this issue go," said State Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick, D-Lithonia.  "Because it's an important issue and really it determines the livelihood and the lives of thousands of Georgia women."

Speakers called on demonstrators to vote against those who voted for the ban and to support the ACLU of Georgia and other organizations that plan to fight the law in court.

"The next action will be that the ACLU and other partners will file a lawsuit in federal district court to stay this law and to challenge it as a violation of women's constitutional rights under Roe v. Wade," explained Andrea Young with ACLU of Georgia. 

Supporters of the new laws, however, hope to see even more states adopt similar legislation.

"Pro-life people across this country, people who stand for the unborn, they need to continue to share their thoughts, share their concerns and actually they need to continue to pass this legislation across the country," said Walker Wildmon, Vice President of Operations for American Family Association, a Christian non-profit advocacy group.