Georgia woman searching for answers after husband's alleged road rage murder

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The wife of a Georgia man shot and killed just steps from his car is still trying to make sense of the series of events that unfolded on Highway 85 in Riverdale Tuesday.

It's a story that left neighbors and people across Georgia stunned.

Hannah Payne, 21, is accused of shooting 65-year-old Kenneth Herring after she reportedly saw him leave the scene of a hit-and-run accident.

Now Christine Herring is asking why her husband ended up dead on the side of the road.

"I don't know what happened with the accident, but if anything you should have taken his tag number down and called police, and that's what she should have been concerned with, not running him down," Herring told FOX 5's Will Nunley.

Payne allegedly saw Herring collide with a vehicle and drive away. Police say she then followed him to Riverdale Road and Forrest Parkway, where she blocked him in with her Jeep and confronted him.  

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"I know she was a witness to it, but as a witness I would be taking a tag number down, I would not be chasing nobody down to make them get out of the car," Christine Herring said. "What is she?
The traffic police? A security guard? I don't know." 

Payne's attorney denies some of the series of events, and claims that self defense played a role.

The family is now making funeral plans, while follow the first steps of a court case.

Herring says she wants viewers to know her husband was an active father and grandfather.

"He likes to go fishing. he likes football, like most men all sports, football was the thing," she said. "He liked music. He was a good guy". 

Now she says she is after justice and answers in his sudden death.

"I don't understand why she got out of the car with the gun. I am still trying to get past that," she said. "If I can get past that, then maybe I can understand the situation a little more, because nobody in their right mind does that."