Georgia woman celebrates 105th birthday

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Mrs. Willie B. Rosser, of Stockbridge, celebrates her 105th birthday on April 7, 2023. (FOX 5)

She has seen two world wars, has over 400 direct descendants across five generations, survived two pandemics, and this week, Mrs. Willie B. Rosser. Rosser celebrated her 105th birthday.

Rosser was born in Alabama in 1918, seven months before "the war to end all wars" and in the midst of the Spanish flu pandemic.

"Mrs. Rosser was born during a time when before someone like me could serve in the Legislature," said Representative Demetrius Douglas. "I am able to serve today because of the sacrifices she and members of her generation made. It is my honor to present this resolution to a living legend."

Rosser, as many women of her era, was a housekeeper. She also served as a public school employee and educator, impacting thousands of young minds.

She eventually moved to Henry County, Georgia.

She worked until 2008, when she finally retired, leaving behind a daycare center owned by one of her daughters.

She has been active in her charge, has held several roles there, and even used her teaching skills to spread the Good Word at Sunday School.

Many continue to marvel at the things she has seen, the ideals she has fought for, and the people who have loved her.

"We must put her life in context. She was born before women had the right to vote, much less hold public office. She was born before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and our president. She has seen more than I know. It is only right to honor her now and for us to let her know how much she means to our county," said Chairwoman Harrell. "I am humbled to be able to present her this recognition and honor."

Rosser was born Willie Belle Young in Gadsden, Alabama on April 2, 1918, but celebrated her birthday with loved ones and community leaders on Friday. There she was recognized for her longevity. 

She currently lives in Stockbridge under the care of her daughter and granddaughter.

FOX 5 wishes her a happy birthday and many happy returns.