Georgia tree cutters go to NC to help storm victims, end up in dangerous situation

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Crews from a local tree company went to the Carolinas to help, but soon found themselves in a dangerous situation. On the first day, the owner of lost some equipment and trucks in the fast moving water. 

Michael Pavuk says when he saw the devastation across the Carolinas from Hurricane Florence, he packed up his crew and equipment and headed out to North Carolina to help out.

"We got to the north end of 95 in North Carolina and it was all flooded out, cars were floating," said Alex Harrelson with

After driving for 12 hours in the relentless rain, they came upon a swollen river with fast moving water. 

"I put my car in reverse, the car shut off and immediately filled with water. We had to climb on top of the roof," said Michael Pavuk who owns

Three subcontractors were in another truck which was no match for the rising water. 

"They got picked up by this flash flood and turned perpendicular and off into 12-foot ravine almost 100 yards out where he and his employees were hung up in a tree," said Pavuk.

A swift water rescue team saved the guys who were tangled in the tree. The truck was gone. The National Guard took them all to a shelter where they dried their clothes. 

Hours later they salvaged the equipment the could and vowed to get on with their mission of helping those whose homes and property have been damaged by falling trees. 

"We've met a lot of great people and it's really cool to see people helping each other out," said Pavuk.