Georgia's congressional delegation holds Military Academy Day

Children and teens interested in serving our country had a unique experience at Dobbins Air Reserve Base on Saturday.

A bipartisan group of Georgia’s congressional delegation hosted the 2023 Military Academy Day on the base.

The event comes during a time when the military faces a recruiting crisis.

More than a hundred kids from all over Georgia came out to the event.

"Young people who have joined us here today are interested in answering the call of service," said Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Georgia.

High school sophomore Issac Soricelli from Roswell was one of those young people with big dreams of getting into one of the five prestigious U.S. service academies.

"It’s for the challenge mainly, I also have an interest in serving my country," said Soricelli.

"We have invited young people and families across the street of Georgia to learn about the opportunity to seek an appointment to one of our country’s great military academies," said Sen. Ossoff.

Members of Congress can nominate their young constituents for the academies.

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Representatives from each branch of service spoke with kids just like Soricelli, who says he’s grateful for the help navigating the process.

"It’s kind of challenging to try to figure out how into the service academy. It’s a big deal. So, I’m appreciative that they do this," said Soricelli.

The event comes during an ongoing recruiting crisis for the military.

The Air Force projects it will miss its goal this year by ten percent.

Last year, the Army missed its goal by 15,000 soldiers.

"These are the highest quality people. I’m excited for their future. I’m encouraged by their demeanor and their dedication to their country," said Rep. Rich McCormick, R-Georgia’s 5th Congressional District.

The bipartisan group of lawmakers who spoke to the kids also included Rep. Lucy McBath and Rep. Hank Johnson.

"It’s just the start of their lives, and after being in the academy and serving in the military, they can do anything they want," said Rep. McCormick.

It was a potential look at the future of our nation’s military.