Georgia Tech works to recall 1,100 emails containing student data

Some Georgia Tech students are upset after their information was inadvertently sent to more than a thousand of their fellow students.

According to a spokesperson for the Georgia Institute of Technology, the staff member who wrote the email accidentally attached a file containing students' names, ethnicities, school ID numbers, and GPAs. The email did not include students' social security numbers or dates of birth.

"Since being notified of the incident, the Office of Information Technology has worked to recall as many of the emails as possible. We have notified the students impacted by this mistake," the spokesperson said in a statement to FOX 5. "Last night, an emergency response team convened to evaluate and immediately address the situation. The team will work to implement immediate corrective action and enact comprehensive changes to Georgia Tech’s data governance enterprise."

This comes after a data breach at the school in April that exposed the personal information of as many as a million faculty, staff, students and applicants.