Georgia Tech students build couch you can drive

A team of Georgia Tech students has created a vehicle that's both fast, fuel-efficient and ... comfy.

The Georgia Tech-built vehicle has speed, maneuverability and very cushioned seats.

Students with Georgia Tech's Wreck Racing usually build cars for autosports competitions on a tight budget. One day the team was challenged as a joke to make the couch they brought to competitions into a ready-to-race vehicle.

Well, that joke turned into a reality.

The team used leftover wheels, brakes, motors, and switches from decommissioned Lime scooters with the power source being batteries from ride-on toy cars.

The couch has even been on an autocross course, completing the whole thing in just three minutes.

With cushions, it can go up to 25 or 35 mph.

Now that's what we call driving in style!

You can watch it in action in the video below: