Georgia teachers ask state lawmakers to preserve education funding

A small, grassroots group of teachers gathered outside the State Capitol Wednesday to urge lawmakers not to cut public education funding.

"One word: students. We're here for our students," explained Justin T. Johnson, a teacher at Chamblee Middle School.  "To make sure that they receive adequate resources and funding."

The legislature must slash the state's FY 2021 budget by 10% because of revenue shortfalls attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic slowdown.

A Senate proposal cut more than $1 billion from Quality Basic Education Funding, but on Monday, Gov. Brian Kemp released his newest revenue estimate and asked lawmakers to restore about $54 million to QBE.

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Right now, the fate of the budget lies with the six members - three from the House and three from the Senate - of an appointed conference committee. The group held a public meeting Monday but has since negotiated behind closed doors.

"It has been a team effort to get where we are. I know some folks ain't real happy, but that's what happens when you go into an extreme cut situation. It's what we've had to do," said House Appropriations Chairman Terry England, R-Auburn, during that initial meeting.  

Johnson said he and the other teachers plan to be out at the Capitol each day until lawmakers pass a budget. They hope their presence will encourage lawmakers to support public education and they are concerned that cuts like those during the last economic downturn could have lasting consequences.  

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"There were educators who left the profession because of those budget cuts and so we cannot afford to have another generation to experience that as it will have a long term effect on the community and the nation as a whole," Johnson explained. 

Lawmakers have until midnight Friday to pass a budget.