Georgia students' controversial immigration video goes viral

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What started out as a school project at Eastside High School transformed into a viral video, circulating on social media -- many students calling it racist and highly offensive.

In the 10-second clip, a high school student guided another student, with her hands behind her back, through the hall. He then closed a gate in front of her and said, "Justice is served." Another student popped his head into the video yelling, "Remember, f--- the Mexicans."

Sherri Davis, a spokesperson for Newton County Schools, told FOX 5 News the video is an outtake from an American Government class project.

"They were making political videos on different sides of the political spectrum, and this other student popped his head in and made what was a very inappropriate comment," Davis continued.

She said the school district will not tolerate this sort of behavior.

Eastside High School posted a statement late Monday that read in part: "We are disappointed that students engaged in this inappropriate behavior."

Davis said multiple students are being disciplined for their behavior but would not specify how many or what the consequences are. She did note that not everyone in the video will be punished.

Despite promised disciplinary measures, student parent April Boswell said she is not happy it happened in the first place.

"It makes me mad that my daughter is there," she told FOX 5 News. "I don't even want my daughter going to school half the time, so to see that..."

FOX 5 News spoke with Boswell's daughter using FaceTime during her lunch period, who is not surprised by the verbiage in the video.

"I was just genuinely disappointed in my student body, but I can't say I was surprised because I personally have had several different accounts of bullying at this school, so I wouldn't put racism passed them," Leise Boswell said.

But Davis said the racist video is an anomaly for Newton County Schools. She believes the school district does provide a warm and caring environment; however, she wants to remind students that administrators' doors are always open.

Samantha Caines, another student at Eastside High School, is also shocked by the clip.

"Everybody here is very family-oriented," she told FOX 5 News. "That does not happen here normally."

Students from neighboring counties, who saw the video on Snapchat, are equally enraged.

"It was honestly disturbing, and it was very attacking to me, especially because I'm a Hispanic living in the United States," Wendy Lucero said.

Her brother echoed her frustration. "It's a struggle for us Mexicans to listen to other people and getting racial comments from everyone else," Eulices Lucero said.

Davis said the video was first posted Monday, and the school immediately launched an investigation.