Georgia school resource officer's quick action save baby

A Gwinnett County school resource officer in training has become a hero for her quick life-saving actions. Officer Nakia Williams was at the right place at the right time to come to the aid of a choking baby.

Williams said she was on her way home from work on Sugarloaf Parkway when she noticed a car was swerving. When she got closer and saw what was going on, she jumped into action.

A family, meanwhile, was in panic, and Williams was there to help.

"As a police officer, it is our job to protect and serve. That's what we're here to do, serve our community the best way we can," said Williams.

Officer William's has only been with Gwinnett County Schools for two weeks. On Tuesday, she was going home from work when she saw the car swerving.

"As I pull up closer, there's a lady and a male in the car, and they both look like they're in distress," said Williams, "And I see a baby in the front seat."

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The baby is three weeks old.

"The lady looks at me and says my baby's not breathing," said Williams.

That's when William's signaled for the family to pull over. Once she was pulled over, she began performing CPR until she heard a cry.

"When she started crying, I just immediately felt relieved," described Williams, "It worked. It worked. The training, the experience I have, it actually worked."

Officer Williams stayed with the family until paramedics got on scene. According to the family, the baby is doing fine.

"I spoke with the grandfather, and he said, 'I saw your vehicle. I saw Gwinnett County. I saw police, and I saw schools, so I said, she must know something about kids,'" said Williams.

Officer Williams doesn't consider herself a hero, she said she's just thankful she was there at the right time.

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