Georgia Jeep owners uniting to brighten day for health care workers, neighbors

Georgia car clubs have joined in the parade of support for healthcare workers. They are also trying to brighten the day of children who have been forced to cancel birthday plans because of the coronavirus.

Jeep owners, in general, are a close-knit group. They even have their own special wave. The group, Southern Backwoods Jeepers, has turned their social gatherings into something a little more meaningful.

Whether it was brightening the day of a three-year-old, whose birthday plans were canceled because of the shelter in place, or parading past local hospitals to show their support for hardworking healthcare workers, members of Southern Backwoods Jeepers have given their social gatherings a special purpose.

The group has more than two hundred members in metro Atlanta.  One special event was at the Somerby Senior Living complex in Peachtree City.  Elderly residents isolated because of the pandemic could enjoy the show from their balconies.

The group of Jeep owners have gotten a lot of requests from other assisted living facilities, hospitals, and especially birthday celebrations for children.

It’s often said that when you try to bless others, you’re the one who ends up getting blessed. And they say that’s been true to form for them.

If you are interested in joining Southern Backwoods Jeepers or want to request a parade you can find their group on Facebook by clicking here.