Georgia couple says family in Turkey hit hard by devastating earthquake

Search and rescue efforts continue in Turkey where a deadly earthquake struck—killing more than 40,000 people—just over a week ago. A Gwinnett County couple, originally from Turkey, told FOX 5 several of their family members were among the victims who died in the quake.

"We are very sad since we received the news…very concerned about family members," Mustafa and Nazmiye Konus said.

Even thousands of miles away, the Konus family says they are feeling every bit of the pain many are dealing with after that deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck their hometown of Kahramanmaras.

"It was really devastating," Konus said.

The couple said the bodies of Nazmiye’s cousin, his wife and unborn child were discovered amid the rubble. After days of volunteers searching, Mustafa’s cousin and his family were also found dead in what was once their apartment.

"When they found them, they were lying in their beds trying to save each other, hugging each other," Nazmiye recalled.

Many of the remaining survivors are now displaced and forced to start over as their homes were destroyed.

"There’s nothing left…the homes they had they are not safe to enter, the furniture and other sort of personal belongings they had they are not able to retrieve," Mustafa explained.

The couple has started a GoFundMe to try and assist their living loved ones who are living in tents and other public shelters to escape the harsh winter conditions.

"They had to evacuate their homes barefoot, and it’s raining so badly outside in an all dark city…they have no idea where they are heading to."

They say the money will go a long way in Turkey were inflation has caused the price of goods to skyrocket by 60 percent.

The couple is also asking anyone with the means, to support other verified GoFundMe campaigns set up for victims as well.