George Floyd hologram stops in Decatur Square

Illuminating through Friday night’s darkness is the golden hologram of George Floyd.

“I think it’s a different and powerful way to memorialize George Floyd,” Jana Johnson–Davis, who visited with her husband explained. “We have to keep victims' names on our mouths.”

The 3D image went up near the spot where a Confederate monument once stood. The 30-foot statue was removed from Decatur Square in June.

“It’s really because of the social uprising that happened as a result of George Floyd’s death that really helped contribute to these monuments coming down,” Johnson-Davis detailed.

Crews gentle tilt and lower the obelisk of a Confederate monument that once stood in Decatur Square on June 18, 2020. (FOX 5)

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A large crowd gathered Friday evening to see the image of Floyd and his name in graffiti.

Another display stated "Keep fighting," a message people here take to heart.

“It needs to keep going,” Tanya Eley. Who lives nearby explained. “ We need to keep going. I would be out there every day with the young people if I could.”

The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project is a partnership between and the George Floyd Foundation.

It’s traveling to several cities following the route of the 1961 Freedom Rides, which the late Congressman John Lewis was part of.

A mug shot of civil rights activist and politician John Lewis, following his arrest in Jackson, Mississippi for using a restroom reserved for 'white' people during the Freedom Ride demonstration against racial segregation, 24th May 1961. (Photo by Ky

“John Lewis sent me,” said Rick Epting, who was here with his wife. “We have always admitted his history, his life, and his philosophy.”

Organizers said they hope to replace sites of racist symbols with one of hope and transformation.

“This is what it takes, for everybody to lend their support and to show their support,” Eley explained.

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Floyd died in May after a police officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck while in police custody.

The hologram has made stops in Asheville, North Carolina, and Richmond, Virginia.

No word yet on where it will go next.