Fulton Jail inmates hogtie and beat prisoner as part of extortion scheme

Several inmates went into a Fulton County Jail cell and beat a 24-year-old prisoner.

Sabrina Jones, the victim's godmother, said she got a call from the jail medical floor on June 18.

She said her godson had trouble mouthing his words. Most of his teeth were knocked out, according to Jones.

What apparently was behind the assault is not all that uncommon.

The victim told Jones the violent inmates -- believed to be as many as eight -- had knives (prison shanks).

Jones said the inmates demanded money that could be used at the Fulton Jail commissary.

It is the inmate store filled with food, snacks, toiletries -- considered a privilege.

"You would be surprised how many violent acts are tied to the commissary," said Charles Rambo, a retired lieutenant.

He said inmates who turn over their cash or ask relatives for money are essentially "buying their protection".