Fulton County voters run into problems at the poll

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Some Fulton County voters appeared to have inadvertently voted in the wrong district during the General Primary election.

Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron said his office did not learn of the problem until late Tuesday afternoon. Barron said about 100 voters on a section of streets in East Point.

Barron said they were included in House District 60 when lawmakers were redistricting last year. He said the voters are actually part of House District 59. Barron said the mistake may or may not make a difference.

“A wide spread between the candidates will have no effect on the race. [If it isn’t a wide spread] then we'll have to look at it. Unfortunately, once you cast a ballot, the ballot is cast. The only thing that could overturn that would be a judicial order,” said Barron.

Barrow said there are three Democratic candidates involved in that race. He said turnout for this election was very light in Fulton County, about ten to twelve percent. However Barron is anticipating a much larger turn out for the General Election in November, which includes the race for U.S. President. He urged all voters to learn all about the electoral process and vote early.