Trump's motions to delay grand jury rejected

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis moves one step closer to indictments in her investigation into the 2020 presidential election.

Superior Court Judge Robert Mcburney rejected all motions from former President Donald Trump that would have delayed pending grand jury actions.

McBurney’s order means we could see indictments in Georgia of Donald Trump and perhaps a dozen others as early as next week.


The judge not only said "no" to the former president's motion, he criticized the timing and the approach.

Former President Trump’s legal team has waited since March for Robert McBurney to rule on their motion challenging the legality of the Special Purpose Grand Jury.

DA Willis was the first in the country to launch a criminal investigation into alleged interference in the 2020 election.

Because of the complexity of the case, she chose to use a special purpose grand jury, one that meets longer than a typical grand jury and can focus on only one investigation.

The former president and one of the so-called fake electors, Cathy Latham, challenged the legality of using that grand jury’s report as evidence for another grand jury to consider.

But McBurney said their motion was "premature" writing "guessing at what the picture might look like before the investigative dots are connected may be a popular game for the media and blogosphere, but it is not a proper role for the courts and formal legal argument."

He also denied their "bold request" that Willis be disqualified.

The Trump team could take another run at the Georgia Supreme Court. That panel rejected their first attempt because they had no judge’s order to appeal.

Now they do, but time is running out if it hasn’t already.