FTC orders tech giants turn over data mining info

It’s no secret at this point that social media groups do more than let you post fun, family pictures. They collect data on you and sell it. But the FTC is now is taking a harder line on this. 

This week the Federal Trade Commission announced it wants to know how some of these companies are collecting data and where it’s going. And the deadline is January 28, 2021.

Here’s who is on notice: Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Discord, Facebook’s WhatsApp, Reddit, and Snap.

One FTC commissioner commented that we’ve never seen before an industry so capable of “surveilling and monetizing so much of our personal lives.” And to what end they ask? 

And here’s what they want to know: How are they tracking us? How are they determining what ads to direct to us? What are they doing with this research? And, how this affecting children?

But here's some associated controversey. Not all big name social media giants are included in this order. Missing are LinkedIn, Tumblr, Parler among others. 

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