Fraud and ID theft suspect captured on camera

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Morrow Police Chief James Callaway wants residence and bank tellers to be on the lookout for a woman who was caught on camera trying to cash a check for $1,300 with the ID of a Coweta County woman.

"She is a white female who appears to be in her mid-thirties with dirty blonde or brown hair and we believe she was driving a red Ford Fusion. We believe she lives in the area or is at least familiar with banks here on the south side," said Chief Jimmy Callaway.

According to the chief, the woman captured on camera at the Regions Bank in Morrow on August 31 trying to cash a $1,300 check, police said she successfully withdrew the same amount from a Region's branch in Hapeville an hour or so earlier. But the teller in Morrow got suspicious and started asking lots of questions.

"The teller did a fantastic job, in this case, she asked her lots of questions and even tried to stall her but the woman must have panicked and drove away. We need to get her off the streets as soon as possible," the chief said Tuesday at Morrow Police headquarters.

The chief said he welcomes tips on the Morrow Police Department's Facebook page or a call to detectives at 770-961-4006.

"We need to get this woman off the streets because she needs to be in jail, fast," said Chief Callaway.