FOX 5 viewers help elderly couple trapped in home by tree

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It was a story that will touch a lot of people’s hearts in metro Atlanta. An elderly couple was trapped in their home since it fell in front of their home during Hurricane Irma.

People were shocked to hear they had been inside that house for a week, but FOX 5 viewers came through and came together to help the couple.

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A day after the story aired, the tree was gone.

A construction company from Carrollton drove up, but the job was too big. As fate would have it, a call came in that would solve all their problems.

Patricia Peavy was greeted Tuesday morning to the sounds of chainsaws revving. It was music to her ears and an answer to her prayers. After a week of crying, unable to get out of her DeKalb County home, help finally arrived.

"I woke up this morning and I hadn't heard anything and I thought great it's going to be another day," said Peavy.

That soon changed as Randy Lindsey was the first to arrive.

"I pulled up and saw all the destruction and I said ‘Oh, my! This is going to take a while.’ So, I was glad when you drove up and said some other people were coming," said Lindsey told NewsRadio 106.7’s Christy Hutchings.

Volunteers from Dallas and the Horsleys from Carrollton arrived, all to help the Peavys.

"I wanted to cry she is so sweet, it broke my heart. She is such a sweetheart," said Shawna Horsley, Horsley Construction.

With everyone working together, the job was still just too big. And then a call from Jason Bramlett with North American Tree Service, and within an hour, he had a log truck at the house. And within minutes, the one thing that caused so much stress for this family was finally gone.

"These volunteers are fabulous. They are great people and I would do anything in my soul for them. I really would, just strangers from out of the blue," said Peavy.

When they saw the big log truck pull up it was a feeling of relief for everyone out there helping.

Patricia said she can sleep well now and said she's so grateful to everyone who stepped in and she will never forget the people who came to her aid in her darkest hour.