FOX 5 I-Team's Braves stadium trip time test

The FOX 5 I-team continues its examination of Braves stadium trip times. Earlier, Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell took a ride on public transit from Candler Park with a lifelong Braves fan. The trip was nearly three times longer than his normal MARTA ride to Turner Field.

Now, Dale and I-Team reporter Randy Travis hit the road to test out the drive to the new stadium. They started in John’s Creek, deep in the heart of Braves fan territory. We wired up two cars with go-pros and set off into Friday rush hour traffic. Randy headed to an actual Braves game at Turner Field. Dale drove to the SunTrust Park site in Cobb County. In all, we had two cars, two reporters, ten cameras and a helicopter. Who crossed the finish line first? Watch to find out. You might be surprised.

INSIDER TIP: Also, we learned from the Braves a way to estimate your Braves stadium trip time. Google maps allows you to pick an exact date and time for a trip. Go to “Leave Now,” hit the drop down menu, and pick “Depart At.” Pick a game day, set the time for when you would normally leave, and Google will estimate the trip with the known traffic patterns. Not perfect, but the Braves say it is pretty close.