Pastors, activists demand reinstatement of former athletics director after suspension

Local pastors and activists are rallying behind a Fulton County coach, advocating for him to get his job back.

Former Tri-Cites Athletics Director Kenneth Miller returned from a 20-day suspension after a physical altercation with a student accused of bringing a gun to school. The coach has been cleared of wrongdoing by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, but Miller said the Fulton County School System demoted and reassigned him to a middle school when he returned.

The school district issued a statement that said, in part, "He has not been demoted and there is no determination if Mr. Miller will be assigned additional duties eligible for a supplement for the upcoming school year."

Religious leaders and NAACP Atlanta called for Miller to be reinstated. 

"Our demand is he gets his job back, he recovers the pay that he lost then we want Looney, and then we want the south county school board members to come and have a town hall meeting with us and address this issue and a myriad of other issues we have with this school board and the differences and the disparities between the north and the south," The Rev. Shanan Jones, Concerned Black Clergy said.

Miller can be seen grabbing the student who brought a gun to school in August. Miller was on administrative leave, then the district suspended him for 20 days after the GPSC cleared him of wrongdoing. Miller said his actions were in self-defense. 

"This man stopped a Columbine-type situation from happening here," Jones said. "The student in question did not bring an apple to be the teacher's pet. She brought a gun to school."

Miller is now coaching P.E. at Bear Creek Middle School.

"I appreciate all the support that is here today and the movement is not going to stop," Miller said.