Florida restaurant told veterans their service dogs can stay but they must leave, woman claims

A veteran claims that a restaurant in Port Orange is discriminating against disabled veterans after a manager told her and two other veterans that "the dogs can stay" but not them.

"Myself [and] two other veterans have been kicked out of Port Hole in Port Orange, [Florida] because of having service dogs with us," Alexandra Nass wrote on Facebook. She is a disabled veteran and visited the restaurant with her daughter, another veteran, and their service dogs on Tuesday. 

She explained that after about twenty minutes, a manager came up to them and told them that they had to leave. No one had complained but the manager "had called the owner and the owner told him to kick us out and are told 'no dogs allowed' and that is the reason for kicking us out."

However, after being told to leave because of their dogs, Nass claimed that the manager said the owner actually said ‘the dogs can stay but the owners of the dogs have to go."

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Nass is questioning why they had to leave, writing on Facebook that "So it [is] because we are disabled veterans we have to leave? Since our dogs can stay. It’s an [absolute] shame they had American flags all over the building but this is how they treat [veterans]. This is how they treat people with disabilities. This is how they treat individuals with properly trained service dogs."

In the videos posted by Nass, she explains that "we’re with a nonprofit that trains service dogs for disabled veterans. Myself and her are both disabled veterans. These are our service dogs, who are being extremely well behaved. They haven’t moved.”

The nonprofit they are associated with is K9Line Inc., an organization that "[trains] and [provides] service dogs at no cost to military veterans, contractors and Gold Star families who have served their country and other service personnel in need of service dogs."

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She also told the manager that "there will be a lawsuit against you for discriminating against us with service dogs."

Just days before, Nass also claims that another veteran went to the same restaurant with his service dog and was told to leave and trespassed from the property by the Port Orange Police Department. She said that the officer told him "he did not care what ADA law stated and did not know what it was."

FOX 35 has reached to Nass and will update this story with more details soon.

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