Five injured in Dawson home explosion late Thursday

Five people were rescued after a home explosion in Navarro County Thursday night.

It happened around 11:00 p.m. at a home in the 500 block of West Highway 31 in Dawson.

"Incredible, though, by the grace of God anybody got out of there alive,” said neighbor Bill Waller.

The homeowners are Dwain Spruiell, 88, and his wife Cathy, 75, were flown to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Mrs. Spruiell's sister, Margaret Rowland, 67, of McKinney was also taken by Careflight to Parkland.

Two others who were visiting included Cathy Spruiell's brother, William Gilcoat, 81, and wife Sandra, 77. They were treated at a Corsicana-area hospital for minor injuries and released.

Neighbor Richard Raines was among several who rushed over and got the elderly victims out. Raines has known the Spruiell’s for 40 years and said he didn't even consider himself in harms’ way when trying to get them to safety.

"I guess the thought of it falling the rest of the way down didn't occur to me,” Raines said.

The police chief said a plumber recently did work at the Spruiell’s home and investigators will work to determine if it had anything to do with the cause of the blast.