Fire destroys parts of East Point fire station, displaces firefighters

A dozen East Point firefighters will be redeployed after a late-night fire destroyed one of the city's fire stations.

The City of East Point's Fire Department says the blaze broke out shortly before 11:32 p.m. Friday, Jan. 6 at Fire Station #3, which is located on the 3800 block of North Commerce Drive.

The fire, which started in the Bay area of the station, resulted in massive damages including the destruction of the Bay area and the loss of one of the fire trucks. The station's living quarters was mostly unaffected by the blaze, only receiving some smoke and water damage.

According to officials, a passerby noticed the station was on fire and called 911, who radioed the station.

The station's firefighters and member of the other stations quickly started working at the scene and got the fire under control before it spread.

All personnel housed at the station were able to safely evacuate without injuries.

The 12 firefighters will be redeployed to the other fire stations in the cities.

The total cost of the flames and cause of the blaze have not been released.