FBI warns of blackmail letters in mailboxes

OK, here's a new scam that makes it right to your mailbox. It's a letter with your name, your address, and a very specific threat. It's modern-day blackmail.

This letter you see pictured landed in someone's mailbox. It was addressed to the homeowner. It had the correct name and the right mailing address. And it was scary.

It starts with "I know the secret you're keeping from your wife..."  And the writer claims to have evidence. Of course, we're talking about an affair.

There's no evidence mentioned. Still, it's meant to scare you so that you'll cough up, in the case of this blackmail letter, more than $8,000. But not cash. Not a check. The writer wants bitcoin. Yep, bitcoin. And, it comes with instructions on how to pay.

The writer targets affluent men who might have something to lose - their jobs, their families, their community status. No, the writer doesn't have any idea whether the person this blackmail letter is addressed to is having an affair, but someone is betting someone is cheating and will panic and pay.


So, save the letter and get it into the hands of the professionals who are actively investigating this emerging scam.