Father uses electronic signs to search for suspect who shot his son

A metro Atlanta businessman is using his company to get justice for his son who was recently shot.

David Allen McGlory, 27, is recovering at Grady Memorial Hospital after Atlanta police said someone shot him in the chest Saturday in the parking lot of the Family Dollar on Lakewood Avenue.

His father said he was working at the time.

"He was here to sell a cellphone. That is what he was doing he has a company called "We buy iPhones." David Mcglory Sr. explained.

McGlory said his son made an appointment to meet a man here during daylight hours Saturday afternoon, but the so-called customer pulled out a gun, tussle with, and shot the younger McGlory in the chest when it was time to pay for the phone.

"It happened two inches above his heart. So it could have been way worse," his father laments.

The older McGlory, who owns an electronic sign company, had an idea on how he could use his resources to track down the shooter.

"I have an advertising company and I plan to ride around the community with the message about my son, and I am also offering a reward," Mr. McGlory responded.

The goal is to get people talking and find the suspect. McGlory hopes the $3,000 incentive will do just that.