Fans react to Falcons firing Smith

"I would've never let him come back from London.  He would've stayed right there in London," joked Pyles. "He wouldn't have [gotten] on my plane." The Falcons blew a 21 point lead over the Detroit Lions in London in October.

Two chairs down from Pyles, barber Demorris Butler said the news was bittersweet.  

"He's been one of our most successful coaches in the past 10 years, but we live in a time where what have you done for us lately seems to be at the forefront," Butler explained. Butler said he understood the decision, but thought Smith was not the only one to blame for the team's recent slump.

"He didn't have the right pieces on the field to show the fans the results that the fans wanted to see, so when that happens it's time for a coaching change," said Butler.