Family of man shot by state trooper asks for video of incident released

A south Georgia family whose loved one was shot and killed by a state trooper wants the video of the killing released and statewide standards set for use of force.

Julian Lewis, 60, of Screven County, was shot and killed by Georgia State Patrol Trooper Jacob Thompson on August 7.

The unarmed handyman was traveling alone on a rural dirt road northwest of Savannah when Trooper Jacob Thompson attempted to pull him over for a broken taillight.

Attorneys for Mr. Lewis said he did not pull over because he was attempting to find a well-lit area for the stop.

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The state patrol indicates trooper Thompson initiated a PIT maneuver to force the stop, that PIT maneuver disabled Mr. Lewis' car.

"The car is without power. Mr. Lewis was shot in the head less than two seconds after the trooper's foot comes off of his own brake in his vehicle. Before he could ask him his name before he could identify himself before he could do anything. He shot and killed him," Lewis family attorney Francys Johnson explained.

Johnson said the trooper was arrested and charged with felony murder and aggravated assault just seven days after the attempted traffic stop.

Lewis' wife called the last 40 days the worst in her life, now that her anchor is gone. His son, Brook Bacon, spoke from his home in New Hampshire.

"We are asking not to live in fear. And that is what happens every day to black and brown people who leave their homes to do simple tasks, like go get a soda from a store. It is not right or just,” Bacon complained.

Attorneys have organized a justice caravan to Sylvania from Atlanta, Savannah, and other parts of Georgia this Saturday, September 19.

They said the felony murder charge against Trooper Thompson, who was denied bond, is not enough.

"Release the tapes of the audio and any video, so the world will see why the GBI charged this trooper with felony murder and create a standard for excessive force in our state, so everyone is operating with the same set of rules," Johnson demanded.

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The caravan will meet at Victory Outreach Church at 9 a.m., September 19 to travel together to Sylvania and meet ‪at 1 p.m. for a rally at the Sylvania City Hall at ‪104 South Main, Sylvania, Georgia 30467.

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