Families struggling to recover after historic flooding in northwest Georgia

It’s been nearly two weeks since record rain fell in Chattooga and Floyd counties causing widespread flooding to homes and businesses

While some are working to clean up others say they are just able to get to their homes as the water refused to subside.

"Like where do we go from here," Levi McGuire said.

That’s the question Levi McGuire has asked himself for nearly two weeks after what officials call a 500-year storm dumped feet of rain in Chattooga and Floyd County.

Levi lives in the home with his two brothers. Their mom, Amber Tapp, remembers the frightening call that Sunday morning.

"They said by the time we got out of the house it was up to my waist and coming up over the hood of the truck and we had to put the kids on our shoulders in order to get out," Amber Tapp said.

Video from that day shows their home swallowed by water.

"We had to use jon boat to get clothes and we had to use the kayaks just to get back and forth," McGuire said. 

The garden turned into a mini lake.

"That’s where it settled once it went away, but it was up to here. It was up to here," McGuire said.

The family was able to get inside the house recently and everything is covered in mold and the furniture is starting to crumble as much of it sat in water for days. 

This family says GEMA officials told them to sit tight. There’s hope the president will sign for federal relief to come, but there is no guarantee.

"Our impact in our county may not be big enough for federal disaster. Everyone in the county might have to settle for loans and then we would have to pay it back," Tapp said. 

As this family rallies around each other to remain Chattooga Strong it’s a long wet road to recovery for so many. 

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