Famed vocal coach, artists reflect on Prince's legacy

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Music artists all over the world are mourning the death of music icon, Prince.

Jan Smith, owner and renowned vocal coach, sat down with FOX 5 Thursday.

She helps mold artists and have worked with musical heavyweights including Usher, Justin Bieber and Jill Scott. The famed coach says many contemporary artists have been impacted by Prince both musically and professionally. His influence crossed  backgrounds and genres. Prince was also known for being fiercely independent, fighting his record label for control of his work.

"He set new trends without trying to be trendy," Smith said. "He owned himself and that's such a rare thing for an artist in our industry to be able to really do," she added. "He came in owning himself and he went out owning  himself."

But above all, true artistry was at the core of Prince's craft.

Up-and-coming artists Richard Isong and Ari Pen Smith, out of London, are working with Smith on musical projects. They said Prince's work ethic and showmanship were unmatched.

"This guy was on another level! He was bizarre. But I liked it," Isong said. "He was a great musician, a great writer and a great producer."