Facebook quizzes could expose your personal information to hackers

People using Facebook have probably seen the little quizzes posted on their timelines; movie quizzes, quizzes for couples, medical quizzes. They look harmless, fun, and cute. But did you know they have a dark side?

“Oh, I didn't know that, no. That's not good. I guess it's today,” shrugged Laney Helmers, a Facebook user.

With hundreds of free quizzes to take on Facebook, experts say be skeptical - they're free for a reason.

“While it's fun to find out which Muppet character you may be, and it's fun to play along with friends, I think the important thing to remember here is nothing is free,” advises Tom Jelneck, president of On Target Web Solutions.

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Jelneck says simply put, the people who create these quizzes want something from you.

“If you're having fun and clicking on these quizzes, they're up to no good somehow. Someone has to be financially benefiting from this in one way, shape, or form,” Jelneck said.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says quizzes often have links to get results. These links can expose your personal information to hackers who want to sell your data or use it to steal your identity.

“They can use that potentially to get into a bank account or to get control of your phone by porting it over to them, because they're getting this personal data and info out of you,” said Jelneck.

The BBB says never take online quizzes. They also suggest limiting what you share online and never accept friend requests from someone you don't know. The word seems to be getting out.
“That definitely has me leaning away from Facebook,” said Facebook user Billy Narut.

“We expect people to end up learning things about us, but it's a total invasion of privacy,” added Paul Ramsey, who also uses Facebook.

Experts say the only way to beat these quizzes is not to play.