Emmy winner Michael Chiklis talks new FOX series “Accused”

Emmy winner Michael Chiklis is under strict orders: no spoilers when talking about the new FOX show "Accused."

"I wish I could tell you more about it, but I’m gagged," says the actor while laughing.

"Accused" is a 15-episode anthology series executive produced by Howard Gordon, whose previous shows like "24" and "Homeland" set the bar for high-intensity television. Chiklis says "Accused" is no different. 

"Every week, you have a person who’s accused of a crime, and then you go back and show the audience what happened," Chiklis explains. "And they get to sort of empathetically get drawn into the ‘What would I do?’ of it all, and the ‘Oh my God, what a set of circumstances.’"

Chiklis stars in the premiere episode of the series, called "Scott’s Story."

"I play a very emotionally reserved and buttoned-down brain surgeon — who doesn’t wear this heart on his sleeve and isn’t very gregarious — who’s facing the worst possible scenario and question that two parents could possibly face about their child. Not going to tell you anything further than that, in terms of spoilers, but you can’t help while watching this but think to yourself, ‘What would I do?’"

Chiklis also directed an episode of the series, which will air later this season. "Accused" premieres Sunday, Jan. 22 at 10 p.m. on FOX 5 Atlanta — click here for more information on the show.