Edgewood community upset over recent gun violence, police response

residents in an Atlanta community say they're fed up with gun violence in their neighborhood.

Just yesterday, according to Atlanta Police, three people were shot in the Edgewood neighborhood.

Police told us Monday's shooting happened around at 2:30 in the afternoon. With some of these incidents happening in the middle of the day, most people we talked with refused to go on camera out of fear.

"I find myself not wanting to be in the front room or hang out on my front porch anymore," One woman, who agreed to speak only if we agreed not to show her face, explained.

She's one of several residents on Mayson Avenue who reached out to us Tuesday about their fear and frustration.

"I have never experienced it this bad. It seems like it's definitely escalating," she explained.

The woman, who has lived here for four years, described Monday's gunfire near Hardee Street.

"I had just, ten minutes earlier, been at that corner returning from the grocery store and I was unloading groceries when I heard that happening."

We previously told you of two people shot along Hardee Street during the Fourth of July weekend.

And a month before that,  investigators said two people were killed in a drive-by near the intersection.

"It was intense. Lots of people's car windows got shot out. Since then I would personally say I've been here for five shootings," the woman described.

She explained that one bullet during a shooting went through her guest bedroom.

"it felt super violating and it's just bizarre."

Police said they're working to provide us with a list of shootings at this corner this year.

Folks living in the neighborhood tell us both police and city leaders need to step up.

"There really hasn't been much-increased police presence. You would expect someone to be on that corner stationed because it's such a problem area," the woman mentioned.

Investigators said Monday's shootings started with an argument.

They did not respond when we ask about concerns over their visibility in that part of Edgewood.