Dutchtown fight caught on tape

Several students receive disciplinary action after a fight at a Henry County high school got out of hand.

A student at Dutchtown High School sent FOX 5 News the disturbing video of a fight between two female students which developed into a brawl. The Henry County School District said the fight happened Friday in the cafeteria.

The rolling melee ended with male and female students fighting and kicking one another. FOX 5 News has learned several students face disciplinary action for the violent behavior.

Henry County Schools District Spokesperson John Hardin said in general, “people seem more interested in showcasing a fight by using their cell phones to record it, as opposed to going to get help to stop it.”

One parent confirmed her student received 10 days of in-school suspension for the brawl.

Mr. Hardin said the district is investigating the incident and will hand out disciplinary action consistent with the student’s involvement.

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