Dunwoody police officer saves 2 lives in a month

A Dunwoody Police officer is being hailed a hero after helping save two lives in the same month.

Officer Jordan Laverty was involved in the life-saving rescues in May, according to a police spokesperson.

In the first one, he helped save a woman who fell unconscious at the Terrace Office park near Ashford-Dunwoody Road.
In the second incident, Officer Laverty, alongside another officer and Sandy Springs firefighters, rescued a man who collapsed
and had a cardiac issue while evacuating the Bell Apartments on Perimeter Center East. A dumpster caught fire on the property,
forcing the apartments to evacuate, FOX 5 has learned.

"I immediately stopped my vehicle and we ran to him," Laverty said about the victim. "He was coming in and out of conciousness then he would go back down and his pulse as well."

The first responders used a defibrillator on the man to keep him alive until medics rushed him to the hospital. He survived.

"It's just the right place at the right time," Laverty responded.

Laverty has been with Dunwoody Police for nearly three years. He's proud of his department's hard work but shies away from the 'hero' title.

"I didn't see myself doing anything heroic other than just doing my job and what I have been trained to do," he said.