High schoolers bring colorful art to Dunwoody intersections

When you're driving around the City of Dunwoody, you might notice more pops of color and fun sights to see. That's thanks in part to the city's Green Light Box project, a program adding public art to busy intersections. It's coming from unexpected artists, local high school students.

From a giant butterfly on Chamblee Dunwoody to flowers on Mount Vernon and a group of faces on Peeler Road, there are sights to see and take in thanks to the City of Dunwoody's new art initiative.

"Now on multiple corners throughout the City of Dunwoody, there's a big splash of color and inspirational image and also it's brightening our city," Mayor Lynn Deutsch said.

Deutsch has been pushing for more public art since she took office. The city partnered with high school students to do just that.

"The quality of art that the students from Dunwoody High School created was phenomenal. Any professional would be proud to create what these students created. And the diversity of both the artists and their artwork was really inspiring," the mayor said.

Students like Anabelen Reyes who recently graduated. She painted this piece which is now on Winters Chapel and Peeler Roads.

"I just wanted to make sure if I saw a little kid or someone, I wanted them to see a part of themselves in that painting. They exist and they live here. That was my major inspiration," Reyes said.

Sophomore Hannah Hazen's butterfly piece was inspired by the daffodils planted for Holocaust victims in Brook Run Park.

"I drive by it almost every day because it's on the main, Mount Vernon and Chamblee Dunwoody Road intersection. So it's right by my house, and I love looking at it. It makes me smile every time I drive by," Hazen told Good Day's Lindsay Tuman.

Fellow student artists Ana Blas and Rocio Arvizu say they're grateful for the opportunity.

"Just putting myself out there you know and seeing representation in a way." Arvizu said.

"It's exciting because I never expected my art to be out there especially. Since I did that project it just opened doors for me, and I hope it will open doors for other students," Blas said.

Deutsch says she wants to continue the project with more student artists, adding more splashes of color across the entire city.

"So it gives us a fabulous opportunity to continue to improve the City of Dunwoody and partnering with our young people. Our future is just extra special," she said.

There are already plans to add more green light boxes in additional phases.