Druid Hills Resident Held Up in Front Yard on Sunday Evening

The robbers were polite and looked like college kids. They even spoke to their victim shortly before they both drew guns and held him up on a street in Druid Hills.

That homeowner had just walked out the front door to await pick up from the ride sharing company he had contacted.

DeKalb County police said the resident was looking down texting when the med pulled their weapons, told him to relax because nothing was going to happen as long as he put his hands up.

He did and one of the two rifled his pockets while the other kept his gun to the homeowner's head. Other residents did not want to speak publicly but admitted the episode is unnerving, especially given that it took place before dark and on a weekend day when people were milling about.

The authorities said at this time there is no reason to make a connection between the scheduled pick up and the criminal behavior.