Deputies seize $50K in meth

Rockdale County deputies seized $50,000 worth of meth and $16,000 in cash from two men they call high-level drug dealers or bosses.

Deputies said a three-month sting led to the arrests of the men, who are responsible for trafficking drugs throughout at least three counties. They believe the men, Moses Acosta Mejia and Indalber Arellano Valasquez, could be part of a larger trade network across Georgia and possibly other states.

“They are feeding the habit. This is a large amount. It tells you how popular meth is,” said Sheriff Eric Levett, who is working to crack down on problems surrounding meth addiction in Rockdale County. He said meth is one of the most popular illegal drugs of choice in the state.

Investigators said the 2.2 kilograms of meth seized could supply more than a dozen drug houses, and if used, could be consumed over 10,000 hits.

“If you get the main guy-- the main suppliers-- you will see a reduction in drug trafficking,’ Sheriff Levett said, who told FOX 5 the goal is to take down major players in the drug trade in the area.

Deputies will work with the DEA and FBI to track more dealers that are part of this network.