Deputies continue search for alleged driver in deadly hit-and-run crash

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Grieving family members are demanding justice two weeks after a Statham man was killed in a hit-and-run.

Police said Marvin Barnes was walking his dog near his home when he was struck by the passing driver.

Barrow County investigators said Sandy Michelle Wilson was behind the wheel and that she's on the run.

"You have upset a family, a community, you don't know what you took from us," said Debbie Barnes, the victim's widow.

Barnes' widow dealt a double blow with the death of her husband and the woman investigators named the primary suspect in the case is still at large.

“I've lost my husband, my companion, my lover, the father of my children. I don't have any of that. This is what you took from us," said Barnes.

According to Barrow County Sheriff's investigators, the 66-year-old retiree was walking his dog along this stretch of Jefferson Road at around 8 a.m. the morning of Dec. 3, when Wilson's vehicle left the road and struck him, killing Barnes and his dog.

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Hours later, deputies discovered the suspect's vehicle abandoned behind a house near the crime scene.

Barnes' daughter has posted these "wanted" flyers at area businesses in hopes it'll lead to an arrest.

"She destroyed our family, and it's going to hurt for the rest of our lives. Something that we will never get used to, him not being around," said Lakisha Barnes, the victim's daughter,

The father of three was set to celebrate his 36th wedding Anniversary on New Year's Day. His widow said he was her rock, a devoted family man.

She won't rest until Wilson's behind bars.

"If she spent the next 50 years in prison I know it wouldn't bring my husband back but it would give me some kind of peace to know that justice has been done," Barnes’ widow said.

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