DeKalb County student burned in chemistry class to file lawsuit

Attorneys for a DeKalb County teenager seriously injured in a chemistry experiment gone wrong announced Wednesday they plan to file a lawsuit.

On August 6, Malachi McFadden, 15, suffered third-degree burns on his face and hands, according to his attorneys. 

"This never should've happened," said attorney L. Christ Stewart.

Stewart shared documents with FOX 5 that he said were the investigative findings of the DeKalb County School District. In them, it said McFadden was in science class at Redan High School when his teacher attempted to set a $5 bill on fire for a demonstration.  At one point, the teacher poured additional ethanol onto the burning money and the flames got out of control.

"There are statements from the students saying that glass went everywhere, that is was an explosion," explained Stewart.  "And it went all over Malachi."

First responders transported McFadden to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment.  Stewart said his client remains in physical therapy and will require plastic surgery.

McFadden's legal team said they have reached out to DeKalb County Schools multiple times to ask for help paying for the teenager's medical bills, but they have not agreed to do that.

Stewart said they plan to file a lawsuit against both the district and the chemistry teacher next week.

Late Wednesday, the DeKalb County School District sent the following statement to FOX 5 News:

"The teacher is employed with the school district. She is currently on administrative leave with pay. No other disciplinary action has been taken at this time."