Mother who lost two children to gun violence prays she won't lose her grandchild

DeKalb County police are searching for the person who shot and killed a pregnant woman, leaving her baby in critical condition.

Shaniyah Rodriguez was 20-years-old and about 8 months pregnant when someone shot and killed her on Singleton Lane in early February.

Her mother Adrienne told FOX 5 she's far too angry to cry. This isn't the first time she was forced to deal with losing one of her children. 

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Adrienne said her 13-year-old son Nizzear was also gunned down during a home invasion.

From: FOX 5 Atlanta

Her 13-year-old son Nizzear was shot and killed in Carrollton during a home invasion. Police said the burglar intended to shoot someone else, but killed the young teen instead.

"All her ultrasounds and stuff – last one was 32 weeks," the mother told FOX 5 while looking through some of her daughter's things.

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Adrienne showed FOX 5 her wall of sonograms she and her daughter were collecting through her pregnancy.

From: FOX 5 Atlanta

Adrienne has kept Shaniyah's room as it was the day she died.

"I see over here there’s baby stuff. We were getting everything ready," she said.

Adrienne now has one child left after losing two to gun violence. She told FOX 5 she hopes she won't lose her granddaughter who was delivered by emergency c-section after the shooting. She is still fighting to survive at Grady Hospital.

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Adrienne Rodriguez said she's praying her granddaughter will live a long full life.

From: FOX 5 Atlanta

"It makes me so angry," she told FOX 5. "I was at every appointment."

Now, Adrienne is desperate for justice for her daughter. She said the man who was charged in her son's death was acquitted.

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Shaniyah poses next to her mom for a photo. (Credit: Adrienne Rodriguez)

"Somebody has to be held accountable. I can’t go through this again," she said.

While Adrienne continues her fight for answers, she said she prays her granddaughter, Milliani, will live a full and safe life.