Pipe bursts: All DeKalb County jury trials, in-person proceedings suspended, order says

Due to a ruptured pipe, the DeKalb County Courthouse has been ordered to shut down its Judicial Tower until further notice. All jury trials have been suspended.

Officials say the ruptured pipe cause "extensive water intrusion and damage to the tower located at 556 North McDonough Street in Decatur.

"Due to health and safety concerns, and to allow repairs to proceed as expeditiously as possible, authorization to enter the Judicial Tower will only be granted in limited circumstances," a released administrative order from Chief and Administrative Judge LaTisha Dear Jackson states. "All persons who enter the Judicial Tower shall be escorted by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office into and out of the Judicial Tower and shall not be left unattended. There shall be an exception made for the return of Grand Jury indictments."

"That exception is: The Probate Court Courtroom on the 1st Floor of the Courthouse will remain unlocked and open to the public so that Grand Jury indictments can be returned in open court," the order continued.

Members of the public wishing to sit in on any of those grand jury indictments are still welcome to enter.

The notice explained that all in-person proceedings and jury trials would be suspended until April 3.

For the time being, all other services rendered in the judicial tower are expected to continue virtually and remotely.