Decatur Police working to ID man who held woman at gunpoint

Decatur police are working to identify the man who held a young woman up at gunpoint Wednesday on Church street near Howard avenue.

Police say it wasn’t until that young woman removed her headphones that she realized she was being held up at gunpoint. 

Police say you shouldn’t walk alone at night, stay off of your phone, and know alternate routes home in case of an emergency.

Liliane Bullock is a student at Agnes Scott college, which is on the other side of a tunnel separating the scene of the crime from the campus.

She says she doesn’t take any chances.  

“I always share my location [on my iPhone],” Bullock said. “I make sure people know where I’m going and I always make sure I have on shoes I can run in especially at night,” she said.

Police stressed to FOX 5, “the victim didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You should be able to go out walking, enjoying your day and you shouldn’t be the victim of a crime like this. The suspect did something wrong,” Decatur police Sgt. John Bender said.

Sgt. Bender says you should always give a thief the items they demand, as many of them are armed, and will harm you in an attempt to steal what you have.

The victim gave the thief what he wanted, and is otherwise unharmed, but police are actively investigating to find the man responsible for this armed robbery.

Decatur police are looking for a man who they believe is in his 20’s or 30’s. 

They say he walked up to a woman wearing headphones on church street near Howard, held up a handgun, and demanded she hand over her phone and a ring. 

Police provided this picture of the suspect.

In it, he has on khaki or mustard skinny jeans, white and purple Nikes, and a black and white Nike jacket with a large swoosh, or check mark, on the back.