Dash camera captures suspect break into car, steal items

Atlanta police have a clear image of a man who broke into a car on the city's southwest side.

“After I came out of the gym from working out, I came to my car and when I walked around to the driver's side,” says Tapharoah Elliott. “I noticed that the back windshield was shattered.”It happened Monday night outside of the Planet Fitness on Oak Street SW.

“They took my wallet and my phone and my lunch bag,” Elliott told FOX 5's Kerry Charles. “I just hope that the guys are caught.

Elliott is a rideshare driver. He has a dash camera video that keeps an eye on his trips. He was surprised to see what it captured when he wasn't in the vehicle.

The camera recorded the suspect handing items to someone waiting outside.

APD tells FOX 5 two other people reported similar break-ins. They happened around the same time, in the same parking lot. Among other items, victims reported money, expense bags, and identification was stolen.

Anyone with information about the thefts should contact Atlanta Police.