Daniel Boone High School senior gets heartwarming invite to homecoming dance

Two best friends are going to homecoming together and their story will surely make you smile.            

"I'm wearing blue. I'm wearing blue, too," said 17-year-old Laura Boyer and 15-year-old Jack Callander. They have a big weekend ahead of them.

"I'm going to get a dress at the store and he got me a ticket to go," said Laura.  They're getting all dressed up for homecoming at Daniel Boone High School in Birdsboro.

"I had a soccer game and I scored for JV and then that's when he asked me during halftime," said Laura. 

In a video going viral on Facebook, Jack surprised Laura after her soccer game by rushing onto the field to ask her to the homecoming dance. He brought flowers, a soccer ball and had a sign in hand.

"She said yes," said Jack. He hid behind the sign he made asking Laura to the dance as she showed a picture of the dress she'll wear.

She doesn't want him to see it until the big day.  She describes how she felt being asked by the guy she's known since kindergarten.

"Good inside," she said.

Their moms say it's special because of the teens longtime friendship and they say it's hard for Laura and Jack who have Down syndrome to fit in sometimes even with the support of the community. This moment will be their own.

"I think it's special that they get to share the memory together and have fun with everyone else as well," said Laura’s mom, Lisa.  Jack’s mom, Lori, added, “I'm just hoping this is an every day dance for them that's what I'm hoping."

Dance moves they have down to a tee and from the looks of it like most teens there will be plenty of hugging and hand holding at the dance.

"Who likes to hold hands in public? Jack. That's so Jack," said Laura.