DA: Officers acted appropriately, lawfully in taser death

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After a GBI investigation, the District Attorney for the Towaliga Judicial Circuit says his office will not pursue charges against the officers involved in the death of man by taser while executing a search warrant.

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In a letter to the Butt's County Sheriff, Jonathan Adams, the district attorney, stated:

After careful review of the case I believe the deputies of the Butts County Sheriff's Office and the deputized officer of the Jackson Police Department acted appropriately and lawfully in order to ensure the safety of themselves and other.


Adams also states that he will not present the case to a grand jury for further review.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation investigated the death of 53-year-old Douglas Roger Tanner, who died during the execution of a search warrant in Butts County. The search turned into an altercation the home, according to agents.

Tanner died in Sylvan Grove Hospital after being shocked by a stun gun used by police, according to authorities.

Butts County deputies received a drug-related search warrant for Tanner's home on Keys Ferry Road and went to the residence around 5 a.m.

In a statement, Sheriff Gary Long said while inside the home, police got into a physical altercation with Tanner and used a Taser on him.


"Tanner showed signs of physical distress, so he was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead," Wooten said.

Crime scene investigators were seen canvassing the area as the GBI interviewed all the deputies involved in the incident.

FOX 5 asked Agent Wooten if Tanner was a resident at the home and how many times he was shocked.

"We have nothing further at this time," Wooten said.